I was born in Beaumont, Texas, on January 1 (yeah, that's all you're gonna get), and grew up in Humble, northeast of Houston).The first show I did in New York was a guided improv. There I  met my sweet friend, Rhonda Jensen, who invited me to the Sunday Night Improv class and show she was performing in.

In general, in performing improv, I get to use all of me. I use my intellect and creativity, body, and by connecting with other performers and the audience, my soul. It's such a complete experience.

My improv resume: Happy Hour- 45th St Theatre; Sunday Night Improv; Morning Cup - web series; Game Night- web series.

My teachers: Tom Soter; Carol Schindler; Carl Kissin

What I get from doing SUNDAY NIGHT IMPROV? Being in a jam with no prior rehearsal, it's such a pure improv experience. Sometimes you don't know the people in the cast or the games. It's such a "workout" having to stay so in the moment and I get to work with some amazing people. As a relative newbie to the form, I've gotten to be in the cast with some of the most seasoned and talented improvers. Due to the nature of the show I feel like I've improved and become so much more confident so much faster than I would have. 

My most challenging moment is ALWAYS when I have to sing. I love being pushed outside my comfort zone and whenever I sing, I'm uncomfortable. My brain gets sidetracked with, "OMG, I have to sing?!" and it's hard for me to think of anything else. It's getting a little better.

My most rewarding improv work has been on the two web series that I co-created and produced. The first is a full season of a sit-com type guided improv called Morning Cup. The second one is a mockumentary type sketch improv based on the social workings of 12 Texas women playing the game, Bunco. In Game Night, I play five different characters over the course of the season. Check it out at www.youtube.com/user/darlacatproductions . Other TV work includes two pilots, Celebrity Ghost Stories, Friday Night Lights and most recently, Celebrity Apprentice. Yes, I'm the "woman without her seatbelt on" in the OnStar commercial for Backbone team. 

Films include, most notably,The Tree of Life, Ghost Notes (Austin Film Festival), and Cougar Chronicles. Scripted theater, most recently, Trojan Women, Five Women Wearing the Same Dress,  and The Nerd

I want to use what I've learned in improv together with my acting skills in episodic television and film.